Welcome to The
Delicious World Of Novelty

Offering the choicest of North Indian, Chinese, South Indian cuisines and tantalizing desserts and cakes. Novelty offers its patrons the finest food, service and ambience. A mix of traditional and innovative choice of food and drinks has made Novelty one of the most preferred dining destination in Jamshedpur.

Novelty began its culinary journey in Jamshedpur in 1960’s. The restaurant was started by Mr Late Ved Prakash Soni. He devoted his time in developing exclusive recipes which are now our proud family secrets......

Our Mission

  • To provide world class cuisine and dining experience at the most affordable price.
  • To create a vibrant mix of professionals and skilled crew working together to provide the best possible service to the customers.

Why Choose Us ?

Using of fresh and high quality ingredients brings good flavour to food. We at Novelty take great concern to provide high quality and fresh ingredients.
The character and atmosphere of the restaurant represents its ambience. A soothing architecture, cleanliness and amiable staff makes Novelty present a great ambience to its customers.
A good mix of family and young customers makes the restaurant environment happening.